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Our brands

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  • Acro
  • Agostini

    Agostini's house has its roots in traditional Tuscany craftsmanship. In 1936 Armando Agostini founded this reality with genuin passion that has handed down overt time to the present generation. The continued use of fine yarns, noble fabrics, precious embroidery, has made Agostini's house unique and original. The collections are inspired by today as yesterday to traditional values and technical innovation and style that have permission to conquer the confidence of customers around the world.

  • Arquati
  • Arredamento Lombardo

    AL Tessuti is a brand belonging to Arredamento Lombardo SpA, an italian company that since 1953 has been successfully operating in the distribution of fabrics for interior decoration and upholstery for both the residential and contract markets. The company's mission is achieved by editing own designed exclusive collections as well as distributing factory made collections. By mixing these two aspects of the business, the Company is able every year to offer several new collections for distribution worldwide. A large number of collections available today which are including a comprehensive variety of products able to satisfy every customer's needs in terms of styles, colours and materials

  • Cesari

    Cesari are a leading Company in interior decoration and furnishing, with their own brand and unmistakeable style, synonymous with elegance and quality. It was in 1946 that Mr Luigi Cesari started successfully his activity with great determination and enthusiasm for change, and got great appreciation in Italy and abroad. Our care for details have remained unchanged ever since. After 1992 his wife Mrs Stefania has run the linen business, and his son Mr Pier Luigi has given new momentum to the furnishing fabrics business. Mr Alessandro Cesari, the eldest son, has run successfully for a few years Hotel Piranesi, in central Rome. The elegant “hotel de charme”, situated in historical Palazzo Nainer, designed by Valadier, belongs nowadays to the Cesari Family

  • Christian Fischbacher

    For nearly two centuries, CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER’s textiles and fine linens have been synonymous with Swiss quality and luxury. Our beautiful fabrics for BED, BATH and HOME will turn your home into an oasis of comfort, elegance and tranquility. The centre of Switzerland's traditional textile industry is the city of St. Gallen, which has also been the home for Christian Fischbacher's global headquarters since 1819. Our company’s philosophy can be summarised in five words: Elegance, Luxury, Quality, Comfort and Innovation. Christian Fischbacher’s designers are amongst the most innovative in the industry. Our creative teams consist of expert textile designers with deep professional experience in fashion, weaving and print. Our artists visit trade fairs and seminars around the globe to keep current with the latest international trends and developments. It is thanks to their skills and efforts that Christian Fischbacher fabrics regularly appear in notable trend-books and win prestigious textile awards, such as the Materialica Design and Technology Award.

  • Ciesse
  • Foresti Home Collection

    Franco Foresti founded the company in 1964. A grandson of the famous Fendi sisters, Foresti hit the ground running with the impeccable style and taste that runs in the family. Franco Foresti spent years selecting the finest suppliers of quality yarns while always staying on the cutting edge of fashion by placing a large focus on design research. Through hard work and key decisions, Foresti fabrics became synonymous with Italian style and high class taste, sepa rating itself from the many spools of fabric distributors. Today, the same reins true and it was only 15 years ago that the company became what it is now. The company is currently managed by Marco Foresti that combines experience and taste to guide the future stylish choices. The Foresti Home Collection Group has been phenomenal at staying relevant by adapting to changing times without losing sight of its promise to capture “emotion, quality, and timeless elegance, respecting the Italian culture Foresti Home Collection Group sponsored the Hotel Experience Design Master on “Innovative Design in Hospitality Spaces” by the Politecnico di Milano. Sponsoring Masters programs and contributing to the training of architects casts is an important goal for us.

  • Kadeco

    Kadeco is known as an innovative manufacturer with high quality and great value for money for many years. Our competencies are the curtains, the fabric is treated with sophisticated systems of external solar protection. The collections kadeco are characterized by a wide range of contemporary colors, materials and designs of the trend. Innovative products, excellent workmanship, great comfort and reliable technology are convincing arguments that our business customers and consumers. Our competent and motivated employees work with modern production equipment to find the best solution for your needs. Innovative management of the product and a strong customer focus are at the heart of our corporate policy.

  • Indes
  • Silent Gliss

    As the leading global supplier of curtain tracks and blinds, Silent Gliss is committed to serving the requirements of the upper end of the window treatment market. This represents customers who rightly expect the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality. At the very heart of our core competences is innovation inspired and driven by customer needs. Expecting the best includes excellent service. Our Customer Service Team and Dealer Network provide an extensive range of services including technical advice, fitting and maintenance. Silent Gliss has always been a pioneer with all of the risks and opportunities this brings. We have used our opportunities well, growing steadily now for more than 50 years. Old new track short In 1952, Silent Gliss produced the first silent curtain track using the unbeatably efficient combination of siliconised aluminium and top grade nylon.

  • Mottura

    Mottura has been involved in window decoration since 1963, first as a manufacture of wooden pelmets, then as an all-round leading player in the industry, thanks to a technological program constantly in the vanguard (developed over the last twenty years), with a sole objective: to offer industry professionals the most suitable technological solution for every type of application. Technology later transferred, over the course of the past ten years, to technical curtains, certificated by numerous European industrial patents, which have been responsible for making Mottura an internationally renowned force. In parallel with its strictly technological activities, Mottura has also developed the technical-creative side of curtain systems: the Decorative Line, started in the seventies, today covers a range of over a thousand different solutions. Later, at the beginning of the 1990s, as an addition to this strategy, Atelier Mottura was created: the high quality textile division that gives the Mottura brand a significant presence in this important sector. Mottura is today a company of world renown and is universally recognised as one of the leading Italian industry specialists. We have four European branches and are present in more than 70 countries around the world with a prompt pre- and post-sales service assistance. Our products are often sought by designers and architects that entrust their professional reputations to our systems. We collaborate throughout Europe in prestigious architectural projects that give prestige to our products exalting the quality. We invest constantly to innovate, seeking out exclusive solutions aimed at better service, offering that true added value that distinguishes quality products from the run of the mill. We strive to give our specialists the most suitable means of communication to suggest the best technological solution. Our constant daily commitment is to take paths which prove to be the most difficult, making the satisfaction of our customers our final goal.

  • Taif Texarredo

    TEXARREDO TAIF ITALIA SPA is a furnishing and curtaining textile company that it has been working in this field for over 40 years. The company is able to keep itself updated over the years with the objective to satisfy the most demanding necessities from its customers by means of good quality and services.

  • Tempotest Parà

    Parà Industrial Group is a family company founded in 1921 which for three generations has been producing textiles with outstanding aesthetic and technical qualities used for sun protection, indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine. With its hallmark Italian style, Parà Group is present in a number of territories across Europe and the World, either directly or through distributors. Its constant capacity for innovation and the quality and distinctiveness of its products have made it one of the key players on the international market; this is proved by the fact that the fabrics of the Group has been selected from the President Barack Obama's family to decorate the White House internal. Parà Group has won a reputation on the market as a manufacturer of high quality textiles, strictly "Made in Italy" with close monitoring of the entire production cycle, vertically integrated from the spinning to the weaving stages, from printing to dyeing, from coating through to finishing. Quality, style and service as well as ongoing investment in communication and marketing have earned Parà pride of place in the high-end segment. With 6 manufacturing plants and significant market penetration, Parà Group is present in 3 specific business sectors: Sun protection, Indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine.

  • Gross Tessuti d'Arredo

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