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The conditions of sale are deemed known to the customer for each order as it involves the implicit acceptance.


Prices in the catalog

The prices in catalog are inclusive of VAT. And a contribution for the transportation or refund of shipping charges.


Purchase Orders

The purchase order is never difficult for Cosimo De Luca upholstery and curtains. The sale is only an order confirmation by Cosimo De Luca same upholstery and curtains. Every single delivery, even if in evasion of the same order, constitutes a separate sale and autonomous.


Confirmation of order

Upon receipt of the order, if accepted, Cosimo De Luca upholstery and curtains sends the purchaser confirmation containing the order acceptance, availability of goods, the price and the expected date of delivery, meaning delivery as specified in article 8.


Terms of Payment

The bills will advance by Bank Transfer or Credit Card Paypal circuit, unless otherwise agreed with stipulations and expressed Cosimo De Luca upholstery and curtains.


Right of withdrawal

Cosimo De Luca purchaser recognizes the right of withdrawal, which is the ability for the consumer to return the product purchased and the reimbursement of expenses incurred.

The purchaser must return the product purchased in the same condition as received, and used it without the utmost care in packaging to protect it from damage that may occur during transport, in this regard it is noted that the goods travel at risk of 'buyer, even if sold free of carriage.


There is no right of withdrawal for the sale of goods made to measure or clearly personalized, as the case of curtains and fabrics sold in cut, semi-made or packaged.

This right is reserved solely to natural persons (consumers), so it can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes relating to their professional activity.


Procedure for exercise of the right of withdrawal:

Send to Cosimo De Luca upholstery and curtains within 10 working days of receipt of goods, by e-mail to the withdrawal request specifying your name, address, bank details, order number and invoice date.

After receiving Cosimo De Luca permission to return, at his own expense arrange for shipment of the product, carefully packed in original packaging and complete with all accessories and everything originally supplied, using a courier of your choice, at the following address :

Cosimo De Luca – via Danimarca,16,  81055 S. Maria Capua Vetere (CE) - ITALY

Cosimo De Luca will, within 30 days of receipt of the goods, the amount paid by bank transfer the cost of returned goods excluding the cost of the first shipment.

The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact, or missing the original packaging, integral parts of the product itself or for damage due to causes other than transportation.

In the event that the returned product is damaged, Cosimo De Luca returned to you the merchandise to the buyer only upon payment of postage by the purchaser thereof.

Articles in particular execution (even if offered in the catalog), or made at the express request of the customer and other items not in the catalog produced and / or provided on the recommendation, design etc. the customer can’t be considered "mail order" under the law regulating sales away from business premises and therefore fall outside the scope of the right of withdrawal.


Delivery of goods

The obligation of delivery shall be complied with in all respects with the delivery of the goods to the carrier.


Shipping / Transportation

Not liable for any loss of goods, but you can insure the shipment for a value to be agreed prior to purchase.

In shipments of goods, if the parcel is lost or damaged and / or goods damaged in transit, will be the responsibility of Cosimo De Luca to provide research and / or delivery of the goods without any further expenditure by the client, but it all ' buyer make the appropriate checks on the integrity of the packaging and the goods and possibly file a complaint directly to the carrier upon receipt by the reserve noted on the delivery receipt of the goods by giving notice to the contemporary Cosimo De Luca to the email

Before confirming an order, make sure you have correctly written address of delivery, Cosimo De Luca is not liable for any errors committed by the purchaser.

For more info click here: delivery.


Items not available

In case of unavailability, for whatever reason, one or more items ordered, Cosimo De Luca will announce the new availability and within what period you can receive it. In case of permanent unavailability or non-acceptance of the term of availability, if over 30 days, the order will be canceled exhaustively Articles not available or for which the deadline is over 30 days.



Each product is unique and exclusive, testify to the uniqueness of the artisan. The irregularity of each product is the guarantee of a product made entirely by hand, unique and incomparable treasure, therefore a real warranty on products can’t be applied, but Cosimo De Luca provides fine-grained control of the goods prior to delivery.



The assembly of any items you purchased at the expense of the purchaser.


The technical characteristics such as size, weight, etc.. listed in this catalog, as well as illustrations, are indicative and may vary during the period of validity of the catalog, provided that the basic characteristics are not changed, so you can constantly improve the quality of our product offerings.


Tolerance on dimensions of products

Given the particular processing of some tissues we would like to specify that the measures of the products, packaged or by the meter, may vary a little.

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