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Cosimo De Luca Tappezzeria E Tendaggi

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The Cosimo De Luca’s professional history starts at Portici, a town near Naples that has a long tradition of artisan in many sectors, in particular for the upholstery and curtains. After years of apprenticeship with a local master artisan, acquired the necessary skills, decided to continue his journey working independently and in the 1977 opened his own business in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, a small town in Caserta’s province, where he managed to keep alive the concepts processing of the Master Artisan updated over the time, thus achieving a quality standard of True Excellence


Our company

Thanks to qualified processes and coatings with very high quality made in Italy, De Luca's living for years represent a landmark for the living's lovers with a touch of tradition but with the comforts of the modern livings.

The upholstered beds are custom made, are distinguished by their high quality finishes and the choice of first class materials.

The curtains and decor accessories are made with the fine cloth, shapes and styles that range from traditional models to new trends to suit any style.

The long and proven experience Cosimo De Luca’s Master Artisan also allows you to make the customer's request, renovations and restorations of the ancient livings being faithful to the original technique’s processing.

The faith acquired in over 30 years in business has allowed him to get the very important commissions in the territory, for example, has occupied the Pope John XXIV's Throne in visit to Capua (Caserta), the Parquet and Curtains for Theatre Ricciardi Capua (Caserta) and the Public Offices within the Caserta's Royal Palace.


Free estimates with no obligation.

For those who live in Caserta’s and Naples’s province, and who order by going directly to our showroom in Via  Danimarca n. 16 - 81055 - Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE) - 0823843697, the delivery is free.

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